Ball Holding Techniques In Softball

One of the most basic techniques in the softball game is holding the ball. Of course, this requires practice as well, considering how to hold the softball ball must be right In the technique of holding a ball, there are 3 techniques that must be studied and mastered correctly by softball players such as the following. Aside from that, perhaps you need to check out the best bbcor bats as well.

Holding the Ball Using 2 Fingers

Especially for softball players who do have big hands and also long fingers, then the automatic technique of using 2 fingers to hold a softball is more recommended so that it is also more comfortable. This method or technique can be done more easily by the player with the characteristics of the hand.

To do the technique of holding this ball, you can do it by placing your index finger and middle finger right on the top of the ball. Then the other three fingers are used to support the bottom of the ball.

Holding the Ball Using 3 Fingers

For the technique of holding a 2-finger ball, it is more suitable for players who do have long fingers and large hands, so for players who have short fingers with small hands, the 3 finger usage technique is the most recommended.

This one technique can be done with three fingers (the index finger, middle finger and not missing the ring finger) can be placed at the top of the ball. While the other 2 fingers, the thumb, and little finger, must clearly be at the bottom of the ball as support.

Holding the Ball Using 4 Fingers

Especially for the technique of using 4 fingers in holding a ball, this is more recommended for use by softball beginners. Apart from 4 fingers more for beginners, this method can be practiced even more so by players with short fingers where the goal is to not easily fall.

In doing the technique of holding this one ball, just the fifth part of the finger can be around the ball, like when holding the ball in general. How to hold the 4 finger ball is generally used by children as well because it is easier and ensures the ball is safe in the hand.